Come. Let's build something fun together.

Here’s what we do.

We are a business accelerator, Pasadena, CA-based company & work with early-stage companies/individuals who have an idea, to help build the entire product from scratch and launch the company. From MVP to strong UX design to a long-term product roadmap – execution is everything when you’re bringing a new product to market. The LiftOff founding team has built and launched over 70 commercial software products.

Working with our exceptional team of product managers, architects, and engineers will help you expand your know-how concerning conceptualizing, building and delivering good quality software products that are a delight for the users to use and companies that are funding them to be proud of owning and managing.

Frontend Developer – Angular

  • 4 – 11 years of experience, working on Angular / AngularJS
  • Responsible for design, implementation, unit testing & leading the frontend team
  • Experience of upgrading a web application from AngularJS 1.x to Angular is an advantage
  • Proficiency in Javascript/ECMAScript 6+
  • Smart use of data structures and efficient problem-solving/algorithm design
  • Knowledge of creating custom/reusable components
  • Good understanding of keeping programs object-oriented with clean code
  • Knowledge of build pack, configuration, deployment is an advantage
  • Knowledge of Ruby and/or NodeJS is a bonus

DevOps Engineer

  • Should have at least 2+ years of experience in DevOps, with at least 4+ years of overall experience
  • Should have knowledge of Azure services & infrastructure setup / management for one more products
  • Should have knowledge of region (country) specific service setup / optimization for cost, network traffic etc.
  • Should have experience in cost / utilization optimization of the Azure services
  • Knowledge of enterprise level security is an advantage
  • Having Azure Certification is an advantage

Backend Developer

  • We are looking for immediate joiners
  • 3-8 years of experience, working on backend (NodeJS/Python) frameworks – ExpressJS, NestJS, Django, FastAPI etc.
  • Individual contributor – responsible for design (of architecture), implementation, unit testing
  • Proficiency in Javascript/ECMAScript 6+ and/or Python 3+
  • Smart use of data structures and efficient problem-solving/algorithm design
  • Knowledge of developing entity relationships and working with ORMs to build testable models/business logic
  • Ability to manage CI/CD pipelines and ensuring 100% test coverage will be gold. 💛
  • Good understanding of keeping programs object oriented
  • Knowledge of working with Docker/Kubernetes and scalability will be an advantage